orleanz (orleanz) wrote,

набоковедение в Японии

японцы собирались в уютный кружок и читали 6 (шесть) лет "Дар" Набокова, обсуждая каждую страницу.

теперь перешли к "Аде"

какие замечательные люди там живут

About the Kyoto Reading Circle*

The Kyoto Reading Circle, chaired by Tadashi Wakashima, has been reading Ada since March 1997. After devoting six years to The Gift, we moved on to the late mazy masterpiece. Once a month, we meet at Professor Wakashima's Kyoto University office to share a blissful afternoon pondering and discussing the novel. A few of us come from Tokyo and Hiroshima, ignoring the distance--in American terms, it is like travelling from New York to Chicago-- for the pleasure of disentangling the thick and complex details of the novel. The number of the pages read at a time ranges from four to seven; the number of the members who gather from three to twelve. We discuss the places which we find are especially impressive, elusive or allusive, i.e., very Nabokovian.

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